Weight Loss Plan

20 Days Plan
2400 AED /Month
  • 5 Days / Week
  • Free Daily Delivery
  • Breakfast, 2 Meals & Snack
  • Excluding 5% VAT
Up to 1400 Cal

Lean Muscle Plan

20 Days Plan
2600 AED /Month
  • 5 Days / Week
  • Free Daily Delivery
  • Breakfast, 2 Meals & Snack
  • Excluding 5% VAT
Up to 1800 Cal

Mass Gain Plan

20 Days Plan
3200 AED /Month
  • 5 Days / Week
  • Free Daily Delivery
  • Breakfast & 3 Meals
  • Excluding 5% VAT
1900 + Cal

How it works

Consult Us

Benefit from an optional free consultation with a dietician, who will help you plan your meals according to your goals and liking.

Choose Plan

Fill and submit the form , we will advise on the payment and monthly menu.


Place a weekly order via the link we send you with your preferences of the vast meals variety we provide.

We Deliver

Our awesome chefs are delicately cooking your delicious meal. Stay where you are, your food is coming.

Bon Appetit

Receive your meal, heat it and enjoy a healthy mouth watering journey. .

A glimpse at our meals


Do you guys really need a feedback? YOU ARE AMAZING. The idea of having this quality food as diet is really satisfying.

Reem Elghoul

The food and service are great. Thank you so much.                                                                                                

Rachelle Hage

Overall is very good, the best meal plan i tried. And the idea of choosing every week is good.                                           

Mohammed Osman

Your food has been AMAZING! I'm also losing weight and feeling so good...                                                          

Dana Hamaydeh


Choose the plan you want, click on order, and send us the form. We will communicate with you and send the ordering link.

We are accepting at the moment Bank Transfers & Cash On Delivery. Soon we will activate the Online Payment.

You can choose the 5 days trial period if you don't want to enroll in a monthly plan.

We deliver twice a day, you can choose the time slot that suits you best based on your location as follows:

Abu Dhabi: 2AM-8AM & 8AM-12PM

Al Ain: 2AM-7AM & 8AM-12PM

Dubai: 2AM-6AM & 8AM-12PM

Sharjah: 2AM-6AM & 8AM-12PM

Ajman: 2AM-6AM & 8AM-12PM

Umm Al Quwain: 2AM-6AM & 8AM-12PM

Ras Al Khaimah: 2AM-6AM & 8AM-12PM

We deliver to all emirates across the UAE.

Yes, we have vegetarian plan.

You can use the Microwave to reheat the meal, simply empty the meal in a plate and place the plate in the microwave.  Most meals will be heated enough after 90 sec0nds in the microwave. 

Yes! Monitored by our nutritionists.

Absolutely not!! Our food is cooked daily with fresh ingredients.

Some ingredients can be modified as per your preferences (such as removing bell pepper, tomato, quinoa, etc,)


  • Full amount should be settled either cash or bank transfer within 2 days of registration otherwise food delivery will be
    put on hold until payment is settled
  • Proof of transfer should be sent by whatsApp to confirm the payment
  • Refunds are not valid

Delivery Policy

Food is delivered daily between 2am and 6am in a cooler bag with iceblocks.

Return Policy

  •  Subscribers are held responsible of returning the cooler bag & ice-blocks throughout their membership. In order to have a smooth operation, the cooler bag should be left at the doorstep each night so the delivery team can collect it the next day during the meal drop off
  • The cooler bag will be bought and owned by the customer for 150 AED.